Did you know ?

200 million numbers are on the Do-Not-Call list.

Did you know ?

Over 40% of direct mail is never opened.

Did you know ?

Over 80% of people skip TV Commercials.

Don’t deter or put off buyers, attract them! The concept is simple.

Turn your website into a magnet:

Create Content

There’s no point building a pretty website with no content. Pack your website with meaningful relevant rich content

Optimise it for Search Engines

Organic search engine optimisation is your first step. The next step is to use the tools that the search engines provide in order to ensure your website meets the standards to help it grow within their indexes. Google Analytics and Webmaster Central are great tools.

Share! Share! Share!

The more useful and meaningful content you build, the more you’ll want to shout about it. Yes, this means using the relevant social media sites available to share your content. Twitter, Facebook and Google+.

Measure, Engage and Retain

Don’t just leave all your hard work hanging. Now you have their attention you need to create landing pages, calls to action, personalised email campaigns and personalised pages.

The world wide web is constantly evolving and new rules, standards and options are emerging and not to mention changes to some of the major Search Engines’ Algorithms (an effective method expressed as a finite list of well-defined instructions for calculating a function) – e.g. Google.

It seems all too confusing. All you want is to see your website on the internet and hopefully make a return for your investment.
It is essential therefore, to implement good SEO that will compliment the visual elements of a good website which will in turn convert your visitors into loyal returning customers.
Which is why we are here to help you achieve this goal.